• "Ochre Road" Army Blanket
  • "Ochre Road" Army Blanket
  • "Ochre Road" Army Blanket
  • "Ochre Road" Army Blanket

"Ochre Road" Army Blanket

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Army blankets are a must-have item for the minimalist camper - helping you survive the cold, breeze, heat and sun. With luxury natural fibres that are soft, strong and breathable these bad boys made by the folks at Ghost Outdoors can even protect you from getting too close to the campfire.

Throw it in the car for instant bedding, picnic, shade or privacy. 

  • 180cm x 125cm | 500gsm 
  • Super-soft no-scratch 100% Australian Merino Wool 
  • Luxurious army weight
  • Reversible design



  • The Woolmark® certified Australian Merino Wool in this blanket was selected because it is the softest and strongest wool available. Other wool in this thick weight would be scratchy, but this blanket is both cuddly and durable.
  • 'Ochre Road' is a memory of long, rural road trips through the outback; nothing more than you, the red dirt, and the mates you brought along for the ride.