• "Get Set" by Sterling Apothecary
  • "Get Set" by Sterling Apothecary

"Get Set" by Sterling Apothecary

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Get Set can be used as a texture beach spritz when applied to mid length and ends of hair and left to dry. Use in conjunction with Texture Milk for more volume to your set.

"I spent many many years trying to find a multi use setting spritz to no avail, So I just had to make my own! Get Set gives you a brush-able hold and enough shine for a natural finish. I like to apply this to dry hair and dry it in before heat setting. You can spritz as you roll as well (always use a secondary heat control product)." - Tony Vacher, Founder of Sterling Hairdressing and Apothecary

Sterling Apothecary is the concept of founder and hairdresser Anthony Vacher.

Unable to find the right products for his inner-city salon space in Sydney which focuses on traditional hairdressing and barbering techniques as well as contemporary styling, he decided to produce his own.

Many years in the making, this concise range of versatile products assist Anthony and his team to create incredible, individual styles for their clientele.

These products are now available to you.

Sterling Apothecary products are made to be blended allowing you to create a product that is specific to your own application.