• "Powder Paste" by Sterling Apothecary
  • "Powder Paste" by Sterling Apothecary

"Powder Paste" by Sterling Apothecary

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"When trying to design this product my brief to the chemist was - I want a product I can apply to dry hair to cosmetically thicken it and add texture but somehow not look as if there is any product in the hair. Think a dry shampoo in paste form, and low and behold that’s what we have."  - Tony Vacher, Founder of Sterling Hairdressing and Apothecary

On short hair for texture and body just use a small amount of Powder Paste, add to dry hair warming in the hands first and working it to desired shape. For thinning or finer hair to give cosmetic thickness apply a small to medium amount, warm in hands and try to apply mainly to the roots, and on medium length hair for added body and volume apply to the roots on dry hair. It’s the ultimate matte product with zero shine added.

Sterling Apothecary is the concept of founder and hairdresser Anthony Vacher.

Unable to find the right products for his inner-city salon space in Sydney which focuses on traditional hairdressing and barbering techniques as well as contemporary styling, he decided to produce his own.

Many years in the making, this concise range of versatile products assist Anthony and his team to create incredible, individual styles for their clientele.

These products are now available to you.

Sterling Apothecary products are made to be blended allowing you to create a product that is specific to your own application.