• "Bay Rum" Aftershave by Sterling Apothecary
  • "Bay Rum" Aftershave by Sterling Apothecary
  • "Bay Rum" Aftershave by Sterling Apothecary

"Bay Rum" Aftershave by Sterling Apothecary

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Based on a 1930’s recipe our Sterling Bay Rum is an aftershave style spritz with a completely unique spiced fragrance. A much loved classic of the Sterling product range. Spray on the face and neck, It can also be used to freshen up clothing. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive skin, and always patch test on fabrics before applying. Keep in the fridge for a refreshing skin spritz in the warmer months.

"My very first product and still hand-spiced by yours truly. When I started working in my uncle's barber shop as a kid, he used a spray after shaving his customers. It's a smell that has always stayed with me. I tried so hard to find it but even with my uncle's help we couldn’t trace it. Then talking to a chemist, I got him to make a base Bayrum and slowly but surely I added my own spices, and then one magic moment I replicated the Bayrum I remember. Keep it in the fridge and spritz it on your face / neck on hot days. It’s a calming, cooling spray, a deodoriser, an all round old school experience, it’s the best!" Tony Vacher, Founder of Sterling Hairdressing and Apothecary


Sterling Apothecary is the concept of founder and hairdresser Anthony Vacher.

Unable to find the right products for his inner-city salon space in Sydney which focuses on traditional hairdressing and barbering techniques as well as contemporary styling, he decided to produce his own.

Many years in the making, this concise range of versatile products assist Anthony and his team to create incredible, individual styles for their clientele.

These products are now available to you.

Sterling Apothecary products are made to be blended allowing you to create a product that is specific to your own application.